Why is my IP being blocked by your server? Print

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Usually, when there are continuous login failure attempts (e.g. wrong password tries) within a short period of time from an IP address, our firewall will automatically treat it as an attacking host and ban/block the particular IP address from our servers to prevent further attacks, as part of our security precaution.

To prevent your IP address from being blocked by our firewall, make sure that you do not attempt more than 3 times of login failures within every 15 minutes.

If you suddenly find yourself unable to connect to your website while others can, it is likely that your IP address has been blocked by our firewall. In this case, send a ticket to our Support Department AFTER performing the following troubleshooting routines:

1. Open this URL, http://whatismyipaddress.com/ and copy your IP address in notepad.

2. Open a support ticket to our Technical department and we will whitelist your IP from server.

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