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What is Double Opt-In E-Mail Policy?

Hassan Solutions always takes a strong stand on spam. As such, we require all users who make use of our services in order to send e-mails respect the following policy.
The term double opt-in was coined by marketers in the late 90s to differentiate it from what they call single opt-in, where a new subscriber to an e-mail list gets a confirmation e-mail telling them they will begin to receive e-mails if they take no action. This is compared to double opt-in where the new subscriber must respond to the confirmation e-mail to be added to the list. The user is not added to the mailing list unless they respond to the "Opt-In Request" or click on a unique tracking link that is contained in the Opt in e-mail. Records of the conformation must be kept for a minimum of 5 years and supplied if requested by the Hassan Solutions Abuse team.
Opt-Out Policy - All E-Mails must contain instructions to unsubscribe from your list. The process must be easy for the user to follow. Users must be unsubscribed from all future mailings within 12 hours of their Opt-Out Request.

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